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Initially, this week’s Impact Effort was simple and local. No grand intentions, no politics or philosophy. We were just going to do our small part in our community.

But reading about and watching this environmental disaster in the Gulf Coast has made “simple” difficult. Since April 20, the oil spill has been growing like a cancer, killing living organisms in its path. Its current and potential magnitude makes us feel very small. If we lived closer to the Gulf Coast would we be volunteering for training to help in clean-up? I’d like to think so. But we don’t, so we can’t. And we watch. And it’s distressing to see the damage that will not likely heal in our lifetime.

And, after two days of “what difference are we really making?” kind of disparaging thoughts, I take a deep breath, gird my loins and move forward. We started 52 Weeks knowing we wouldn’t save the world in one fell swoop, but that we’d be taking small steps and making an impact one week at a time. (more…)

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